The Sunday Celebration Service is a celebration time! We celebrate God’s grace, love and worship Him for who He is and what He has done in our lives every time we gather as a church family.

A typical Celebration Service in Faith will include choir presentations, singing of hymns or worship songs (depending on the worship style in each Service), prayers, exchange of greetings, silent prayer and meditation, sharing of church family news, an offering time, reciting of the Lord’s Prayer, the sermon, and a closing prayer, also called the Benediction.

Don’t worry, on your way into the Service, you will be given a bulletin where the Order of Worship is printed. You can refer to the Order of Worship to follow along what is happening.

There is no dress code for the Services – we celebrate diversity in fashion sense! Generally, the Faith church family dresses casually, so feel free to come in your most comfortable garb, though we do ask that you refrain from wearing revealing clothes, shorts and slippers as an act of respect for God and other worshippers.

Isn’t the church one of the most melodious places?! Yes, songs and music are very much part of the Christian life, especially for the Methodists, for we are also known as the “singing people”!

Generally, Christians sing to remember God’s Word through the lyrics in age-old hymns passed down from the generations. We also sing to express our praise and worship to God as an act of responding to His grace. Singing also expresses our unity as the family of God – imagine the sound of sweet music when we sing as one people!

Yes, all are welcome to our worship services! Feel free to come and explore what the Christian faith is all about. There will be no obligations or coercion and we promise we won’t make you stand up! When you are ready, approach any of our Greeters or Ushers at the service. For now, please visit our visitors’ section to find out more!

We believe in giving as an act of worship. The Bible tells us that the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it (Psalm 24:1). Therefore, when we give, we are in fact giving Him what He first gave us. When we ask Jesus to be the Lord of our lives, He is the Lord of everything we have, including our time, energy, family, and finances. By giving, we express our gratitude that He is our Provider.

God said in the Bible that He loves a cheerful giver, therefore giving should be from a cheerful heart, not grudgingly, or out of duty or coercion. Christians are also encouraged to tithe one-tenth of their income, as per God’s command in the Bible. If you wish to tithe, you can request a pledge card from the Info Counter or Church Office. You can also visit our e-pledging page for directions on pledging electronically. If you wish to give an offering apart from your tithes, just drop the cash or cheque into the offering bag during worship services.

If you are a visitor, please do not feel obliged to give an offering – we are glad to be blessed by your presence! Just pass the offering bag along when it reaches you.

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