Community.Youth.Family (CYF) is a ministry of Faith that reaches out to pre-believing community youth and bridges them to our Faith church family. We build relationships, introduce Christian values and principles, and impart life skills through regular activities and gatherings. Our youth are also involved in planning and carrying out community projects – with an emphasis on service and giving back that allows us to share about God’s sacrificial love for us.

CYF Gatherings

Join us for our monthly CYF Gatherings on Saturday mornings where we share about Christ through fun and intentional activities with the youth! We gather either in church or outdoors – follow us on Instagram (@fmc_cyf) for updates! Past activities include:

  • Indoor – Videos, crafts such as blessing jars and sandwich-making for parents, group competitions, steamboat, personal sharing activities
  • Outdoor – Amazing Race, sports, beach games, camps

Community.Youth.Family works closely with teenagers from all backgrounds in the Commonwealth area. To accomplish all these, we rely very much on volunteers with the heart for befriending and reaching out to pre-believing community youth. If you would like to serve with our Community.Youth.Family, get in touch!

For more information on Community.Youth.Family, please contact Jeffrey Woo, Pastoral Team Member for CYF at For the full list of ministry opportunities at Faith, visit

Follow Community.Youth.Family on Instagram! (@fmc_cyf)

Faith 53rd Anniversary Bowling Competition

28 July 2019

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