Live Streams: 9am Mandarin & 11am English Services (20 September 2020)

Access the live streams:
– Visit our YouTube channel at
– Select the 9am Mandarin Service (20 September 2020) live stream, or
– Select the 11am English Service (20 September 2020) live stream

Welcome to our Worship Service Live Streams! Watch the live streams of the services on our YouTube channel on Sunday (20 September), 9am (Mandarin Service) and 11am (English Service). You can now view replays of our entire Sunday worship services on our YouTube channel.

Do note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak situation, all physical Sunday worship services at Faith Methodist Church are suspended until further notice. The full announcement is available here.

1. Night Of Worship (26 August)
Join our next Night Of Worship via YouTube live stream on 26 August! Details here.

2. Pledging@Faith
The period for submitting your 2020 Pledge Cards online has been extended! Visit our Pledge Portal to read our Pledge Letter 2020 and submit your 2020 Pledge Card online.

3. Conversations@Faith: Mental Health
Choose from four workshops in addition to the plenary session at the next of our Converations@Faith! Details here.

4. Alpha Together
Conduct SG Alpha in your Small Group with Alpha Together, or sign up with your pre-believing friends to attend! Details here.

5. BB Week 2020 (16 August – 6 September)
Watch this video to find out how your donations will help the Boys’ Brigade, and encourage the Boys with your generous support!

6. COVID-19 Care Package
Are you a Faith member or regular worshipper whose personal or family member’s income has been impacted due to COVID-19? Check out our COVID-19 Care Package.

7. Discipling The Heart Of A Child
Join us to learn about “Discipling The Heart Of A Child” at the first of our Family Life Chat Sessions! Details here.

8. Serve With Our Communications Ministry!
Interested in helping maintain our church website, or can do graphic design or digital animation? You’re needed in our Communications Ministry! Details here.

9. Prayer Requests
We’re here for you. Send us your prayer requests and our pastoral team will be in touch to pray with you remotely.

10. Online Giving
Details available here

11. Other Announcements
Celebrations, Floral Offerings, Condolences, Pastoral Team Movement, and Attendance. View announcements.

12. Connect With Us!
– FB: @FaithMethodistChurch
– IG: @faithmcsg
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