Christ Caring For People Through People

The FaithCARE Ministry at Faith is about Christ Caring For People Through People. All of us, young and old, experience crisis at some point in our lives. Having someone who cares and loves enough to journey with and care for us can mean so much to help ease the pains, hurts, confusion, stress, and loneliness experienced.

Through a team of specially-trained volunteer CARE Ambassadors, we provide confidential one-to-one emotional support and spiritual care to help people who are hurting or experiencing difficulties and crisis. These include bereavement and grief; chronic or terminal illness; aging and dying; retrenchment, unemployment or job loss; divorce or separation; minor mental health problems, and other life transition issues.

Who is a CARE Ambassador?

A CARE Ambassador is a volunteer who has completed 20 hours of CARE Ambassador training prior to being commissioned.  As part of his or her training to be further equipped for the FaithCARE Ministry, a CARE Ambassador also attends 2 hours of continuous education and peer supervision each month.

What does a CARE Ambassador do?

  • Visits faithfully
  • Offers encouragement and friendship to you
  • Listens patiently to you
  • Provides love, care, and comfort
  • Uses spiritual resources (Scriptures and prayers) to help you work through and cope with your difficulties and issues for as long as the need persists
  • Does not judge you
  • Assists you to identify, accept and express your feelings
  • Helps you explore resources and options available to you

Click here to request for a CARE Ambassador.

For more information on our FaithCARE Ministry, please contact Phoon Kum Yuen, Chairperson of FaithCARE at For the full list of ministry opportunities at Faith, visit

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