Sunday Worship Services

You’re welcome to whichever suits your preference! We have various worship services and fellowship gatherings for people to worship God in ways most suited to them, with other Christian brothers and sisters.

The Traditional Service uses hymns with beautifully rich organ music accompaniment to draw people into the presence of God. Generally, the mood is more contemplative. Contemporary Services use upbeat choruses and full band accompaniment to usher worshippers into a time of delightful praise and adoration. The mood is celebratory and lively.

The 10.30am Service at ACJC and the 9am & 11am Services at Commonwealth (CW) are all contemporary in nature, using choruses and upbeat songs to lead the people in worship. The 8am Service at CW is Traditional. The sermon at all 4 services is almost always the same and delivered by the same preacher.

The main difference is that the Order of Worship is usually different at our 10.30am Service compared to the 9am & 11am Services. This is to allow the preacher sufficient time to travel between both locations to preach at all the services. Don’t worry, you will get the hang of it soon enough if you join us regularly, and the Order of Worship can be found in the bulletin!

Yes we do! We believe that people should be able to hear the message of Jesus’ love in the language they’re most comfortable with, and do our best to cater to this. We have a Mandarin Service every Sunday, as well as Indonesian and Filipino Fellowship gatherings. Please click here for details on all our Sunday worship services.

You will love The TackleBox (TTB) Youth Service! Held every Sunday, 10.30am at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, LT4 (L3), our TTB Youth Service is for young people like you. Our TTB Youths also hold Small Group meetings before the service, where they learn and fellowship together.

Welcome to Singapore! If you have not found a church yet, we welcome you to join our Faith church family! Faith is a multiethnic, multinational family church. There are Malaysians, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, and Americans among others in our congregation. You’ll fit right in!
For details on all our Sunday worship services including our Mandarin Service and Indonesian and Filipino Fellowship gatherings, please click here.

Yes, please feel free to bring your children along! We run SUN JAM children’s programmes (for 2 – 12 year-olds) concurrent to our 9am, 10.30am, and 11am Services (please click here for details). For nursing mothers and parents with toddlers, cry rooms are available for your use. You will be able to follow the worship services through glass windows and speakers installed in the rooms.

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