1. Introduction
1.1 We, at Faith Methodist Church (“The Church”), are committed to high standard of ethical behaviour and sound governance.
1.2 The purpose of this Whistle-Blowing Policy (“Policy”) is to provide guidance to staff, members, volunteers, business partners and other stakeholders to raise, in confidence, concerns of possible mismanagement, corruption, illegality or some other wrong-doing within the Church.
1.3 The objectives of this Policy are:
  1.3.1  To deter mismanagement, corruption, illegality or some other wrongdoing;
1.3.2  To provide a platform for concerned persons to raise concerns and receive appropriate feedback on any action taken;
1.3.3  To provide appropriate assurances of protection against detriment, reprisals, victimization or other adverse consequences;
1.3.4  To reassure that anyone who whistle-blow in good faith can do so without fear of reprisal, unfair treatment or retaliation; and
1.3.5  To assure that concerns raised are treated seriously and appropriately in a timely manner,
2. Scope
This policy outlines the processes to report any serious and sensitive concerns, namely any actual or suspected misconduct, irregularity, breach of law, regulation, code, principle or policy that has or may have an adverse impact on the operations and performance of the Church and which, due to the nature of the concern, cannot reasonably or properly be reported through normal reporting lines. It is difficult to provide a comprehensive list of matters that falls within the scope of this Policy. Set out below are some examples of wrong-doing, misconduct or impropriety that should be reported:
a)  Accounting, internal controls or financial improprieties.
b)  Frauds, briberies, corruptions, gifts and inducements for personal gain or benefit;
c)  Abuse of power or authority;
d)  Serious conflicts of interest without disclosure
The above examples are not intended to be exhaustive but serve to illustrate the categories of underlying concerns and issues that are contrary to the promotion of high standard of ethical behaviour and sound governance by the Church.
Employment-related issues and grievances should continue to be reported and will be handled in accordance to the Church’s Human Resource Policy Manual. Malicious and frivolous allegations will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary or other appropriate action.
3. Reporting Procedures
Whistle-blower may raise their concerns or issues by submitting a report by one of the following means:
 3.1 In writing in a sealed envelope marked “Private and Confidential” addressed to:

Local Church Executive Committee Chairperson
& Church Governance Committee Chairperson

Faith Methodist Church
400 Commonwealth Drive
Singapore 149604

3.2 By email to :
3.3 The report should at least include the following:
a)  Name and designation, if any;
b)  Email address/Phone number for contact purpose;
c)  Details of concerns:
  1. Describe the specific concern;
  2. Background and history of the concern;
  3. Provide substantiating documentary evidence of the specific concern, if possible;
d)  If concern has been raised before, with whom and why not satisfactorily resolved.
3.3 Whistle blower is encouraged to provide the information set out in paragraph 3.3 as far as possible otherwise appropriate follow-up actions and investigation in a timely manner may not be possible. A lack of information will hamper follow-up actions and investigation. Concerns expressed anonymously will not be investigated under normal circumstances unless after due consideration of the seriousness of the issues raised and the credibility of the concerns warrant an investigation.
4. Confidentiality
The identity of whistle-blower will be kept strictly confidential. All matters reported under this Policy will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated and a response will be given to the whistle blower as soon as possible. To safeguard the confidentiality of the report, any investigation will be conducted in a manner so that the identity of the whistle blower cannot be deduced or inferred unless required by laws to be disclosed to the relevant authority.

(Adapted from the Whistle-Blowing Policy of Methodist Welfare Services and Trinity Annual Conference of The Methodist Church in Singapore.)

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