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Download the Transformed By The Word Bible Reading Plan in PDF format from the link below!


English Bible Reading Plan Jan to June 2024 

Chinese Bible Reading Plan《更新生命的道》1-62024

English & Chinese Bible Reading Plan 2023

English & Chinese Bible Reading Plan 2022

Faith embarked on the Bible reading plan Transformed by the Word in 2022!

The Bible reading material, Transformed by the Word, is more than just a Bible reading plan; it guides us into a deeper engagement with God’s Word that will facilitate the transformative power of God’s Word into our lives.

What better way to start the year than to begin with the reading of Acts and selected letters of Paul! The history of the Early Church and the changed men and women who changed the world by the movement and the power of the Holy Spirit remind us of the vision and mission of God for His Church.

As Faith moves towards a new direction, the Book of Acts and these letters of Paul will help us catch the vision that God has for His Church and what God has in store for Faith. In March 2022, we will begin a chronological reading of the Bible.

It is a different way to engage the Bible! Instead of reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation sequentially, we will be reading the Bible chronologically. It also includes two reflection questions according to the day’s readings to help us engage with God’s Word on a deeper level.

The entire Bible reading plan is for three years and the readings are manageable.

While the 66 books of the Bible do tell a unified story, they are essentially organised by grouping similar kinds of books together (Prophets, Letters, History, etc). You may find some Books cover the exact same events from different perspectives (e.g. the Book of 1 & 2 Kings and the Book of 1 & 2 Chronicles). The Book of Ruth takes place in the time of Judges, but we may not intuitively know that. One may find it difficult to stitch together the clues throughout the Bible to show how a particular event or chapter fits into the larger story of the Bible.

Therefore, by reading the Bible chronologically, according to the time it happened, we will:

  • Have a new perspective of the Word of God
  • Have a better understanding of the significance and impact of some parts of the Bible that seem disconnected or obscure
  • Be able to see the larger story of the Bible
  • Have a clearer understanding of historical events enabling us to see how each event is connected to another, the genealogies, and timelines.

With proper context, it will bring clarity to God’s character and heartbeat and provide a fuller awareness of who God is and His plan through each event.

Everyone! Reading the Bible must be an integral part of our spiritual walk. We encourage everyone who worships at Faith to be involved! Similar to Word in Season, we will read the same passages daily, reflect on what God is saying to us, act on what God is urging us, journal and share how God is transforming us!

The full Transformed By The Word Bible reading plan lasts from 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2024.

A calendar of readings is released every six months with two daily reflection questions crafted to help us engage with the day’s readings.

Sermons may not follow the readings weekly but seasonal sermons will be planned based on the readings. FaithWalk! continues to support sermon discussions.

  • Act on what God is urging you in your reflections through the daily readings.
  • Share with your Small Group! Share your reflections and your actions with your Small Group members. Encourage each other, journey together and watch how God is working in each of our lives. Share testimonies of what God is saying and doing through and in us!
  • Share with your Accountability/3-2-1 groups. If you are not comfortable with sharing in a large group, you can also share it with your Accountability/3-2-1 group. Pray and support one another.
  • At any opportunity given by God, share your devotions based on the day’s readings and reflections with your committees or ministry teams before you begin. Allow God’s Word to be the centre of why and what we do for His kingdom.
  • Talk about it in your family! Share what God is saying and urging you during your family devotional time. Journey together with prayer, love, and support.
  • Electronic version (PDF) is available and can be found on our website 
  • A link will be sent to your Team Leaders and Life Group Leaders. If you need assistance to locate it, you may contact your Team Leader, Life Group Leader or Parish Leader.
  • Alternatively, you may contact our church office during office hours.

For enquiries on TBTW, contact Rebekah Lim, Pastoral Team Member at this email.

Transformation takes place in a community! If you are not in a Life Group, we encourage you to join one! Click here to get connected today!


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