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Faith Methodist Church is a church of Small Groups! Small Groups are the key to experiencing life in the church. A Small Group is more than a Bible study or fellowship group; it is the primary place of care and ministry, where group members experience community and love, build one another up, and are equipped to serve others. It is a community where we are accountable, transparent and open with each other.

Small Groups are the basic building blocks and heartbeat of our church life. Faith’s vision – “Transforming Lives, Changing the World” – is primarily achieved through Small Groups, as they work toward the five purposes of F.A.I.T.H, on both individual and Small Group levels.

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The Five Purposes of F.A.I.T.H

We strive to be a community of Small Groups, with every member connected in soul-to-soul relationships. Our goal is to be grounded by a culture of forgiveness and acceptance, where people meet needs where they find them, and heal hurts where they see them.

Small Groups at Faith come together at Sunday worship services to express our love for God in song, prayer, and giving as a Faith church family. We also gather as individual Small Groups for regular praise and worship, and to spur each other on in leading a lifestyle of prayer.

Each Small Group member brings to the group their God-given Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences (S.H.A.P.E). We complement one another to serve fellow members and our community.

Change and transformation take place in Small Groups, as we study God’s Word together, pray for one another, and hold one another accountable. We are authentic with each other, serve together, reach out together, and more. And as God works in each of us, we strive to submit to His will and likeness.

Small Groups are also where Christ-like leaders of influence in the church and our world are developed. These leaders are individuals fully growing in the five purposes of F.A.I.T.H – positive influences in our church, families, neighbourhoods, workplaces, and schools, and even the regions beyond.

Our Small Groups are our starting point, from which we bring God’s love to relationships with others around us, the community, and the regions beyond. Our Small Group is our team, in which we transform lives and change the world.

Why Small Groups?

Jesus had a small group of 12 disciples (Mark 3:14-15) of which 11 went on to preach the Gospel and change the world. The early church met in small groups and grew through small groups (Acts 2:46-47, Acts 5:42), experiencing authentic fellowship and urging each other on in the faith. Methodist founder John Wesley’s movement was anchored on his concept and structure of class meetings – or small groups – which was the centrepiece of Methodism for a hundred years until-1800s.

In a church with some 2,000 worshippers weekly, the best way for pastoral care and authentic relationships to happen is in a small group where everyone can be known by name and cared for on a personal basis. For transformative discipleship to happen, one-on-one accountability, transparency, and trust are required, and these are built over time in close-knit relationships, and best fostered in small groups.

Too many competing programmes and activities choke the life of the Small Group. Effective Small Group Leaders need time to attend trainings, and time to care for and disciple their members. Effective Small Groups need members who make time to love and serve one another, practise spiritual disciplines, and deal with personal, family and Small Group issues so they can first grow in Christ-likeness, then reach out to others. Therefore, a church of Small Groups gives undivided attention to the wellbeing and health of these groups, so they can realize their potential and power for life change and the five purposes of F.A.I.T.H.

At Faith, our Small Groups are your first point of care and support. Go to your Small Group first to meet your needs before going to other sources. Through Small Groups, people love God and experience God’s love. To truly experience church life, experience life first in a Small Group.


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I decided to join a small group after the 40 Days of Purpose campaign. God is good – He directed me to Cell Vision 1 group.

-Linda Yeo
(Cell Vision 1 SG)
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I have been truly blessed to be part of the Oikodome family. This is where I have gradually grown and matured as a person of faith.

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