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Rachelle Tan (Blessed Assurance Small Group) says…

My husband Malcolm was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007. My neighbour Christina invited my family to worship in Faith Methodist Church in 2009 and from then on, we attended the Praise@AC Service every Sunday, and my son has also settled down at The TackleBox youth Service. We felt the presence of the Lord in church every Sunday.

When the group “Blessed Assurance” was formed, our neighbour invited us to join. We met regularly for worship, Bible studies, sharing and praying for one another. We, especially Malcolm, were ministered by a group of caring and loving members. We were very happy and blessed to be in a small group. The members continued to pray for one another even in times when we didn’t meet; we emailed and sent messages to encourage one another. Whenever we needed a listening ear, we felt at ease to share and ask for prayer.

When Malcolm passed away in July 2010, the entire small group was there to support us and this brought great comfort to my family and me. I am very thankful that God brought me to join this group for my family and I truly experienced God’s love through His people.

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