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Our Pledge Letter 2022 is available for your reading here:

Should you feel led to submit a pledge for 2022/2023, please do so via the Online Pledge Form below. This online form remains open for submissions throughout the year.

Thank you for your partnership in service in Transforming Lives, Changing The World!

For more financial information about Faith Methodist Church, please visit the Charity Portal website using your SingPass. All submitted information related to pledges are kept strictly private and confidential. For all enquiries, please email #Announcements

In gratitude to God for His love and blessings to me/us, I/we hereby pledge the amount listed below to support Faith in carrying out her ministries, and mission and in fulfilling the Lord's Great Commission. I/We make this pledge with the understanding that it can be increased or reduced whenever necessary by emailing the Finance Manager at

Please note that this form is strictly for the submission of pledges only. For updating of address and personal particulars, please use this form instead.


If you attend more than one service, please select your main service.

2ND PLEDGER (if applicable)


  • Personal Data Protection Policy (PDPP) of Faith Methodist Church, and hereby give my/our acknowledgement and consent to use my/our personal data in accordance with the PDPP." required >

E-Pledging facilities are available via internet banking for those who wish to make their pledges via this method. If you would like to utilize our e-pledging facilities, below are directions for setting up Standing Instructions with your bank.

How to set up Standing Instructions (SI) for Electronic Pledging

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