Project Be-A-Blessing: Make Your Wish!

Faith Methodist Church is celebrating her 56th Anniversary through Project Be-A-Blessing, a blessing initiative to our community!

Make a wish below by 30 June for your wish to be adopted and fulfilled by members of our Faith family! Your wish can be for Acts Of Service (e.g. packing a room in preparation for house moving), Gifts (e.g. groceries or household items), or Quality Time (e.g. going out for a meal).

Make your wish today!

To allow as many households to benefit from Project Be-A-Blessing as possible, wishes for Gifts are capped at $150/household.
In the event we are unable to fulfill your wish, Faith Methodist Church reserves the right to substitute it for an alternative.

To be completed by Faith Methodist Church member only

Complete the fields below if you are a Faith member submitting this wish on behalf of a resident.
Check this box if you will be fulfilling this wish. Wishes are to be fulfilled in groups of at least 2 pax.

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