Outreach Activities:
Ice Breakers & Games For The Elderly

Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, so don’t miss the chance to teach kids why His birth matters!


What better way to break the ice than to do a literal warm up exercise! This activity is sure to break the ice between the elderly as well as warm them up with one another for the next few activities! Active ageing is key!

However, there are some things to consider:

Physical with restrictions

  • Gather a few elderly into one home and Zumba together, watching a video demo
  • Due to COVID-19 safety measures, social distancing has to be observed


  • This will be more challenging, however a good way to execute this will be to use the “Share Screen” function of any video call application to broadcast the exercises used during the session
  • The elderly will then be able to freely join the session from the comfort of their own homes. Of course, they will need to have enough space in their homes

Suggested materials for the session:

1. Stay-Home Workout For Seniors – Recommended!
Watch Video:


  • Facilitated by locals
  • Incorporates a lot of old hits from all cultures and backgrounds that the elderly are sure to recognize
  • Done sitting down so the wheelchair-bound will also be able to participate


  • Video is a bit too long, may have to select key dances from the video depending on schedule

2. Great 20-Minute Exercise Workout For Beginners & Seniors!
Watch Video:


  • Easy to follow
  • Most optimal as an ice breaker
  • Able to accommodate a large number of elderly persons


  • Not executable by the wheelchair-bound or those with weaker legs
  • Workout may be a bit long. May have to cut down on length depending on schedule

Watch Video:


  • The wheelchair-bound are able to participate as well
  • Brings a lot of energy to the activity


  • Video may be a bit too short, may have to combine with other dances from the same YouTube channel


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