Heart-To-Heart Talks With Youth

Having difficulties connecting with youths, whether they are yours or those you are walking with? 

Come and join us via zoom for these talks.

Dates: 19, 21, 26 JULY 2022

Time: 8 PM to 10 PM


 Session 1 –Date: 19 Jul: Understanding “Heart” Issues 

– Challenges faced by youths today

What is happening in the moral and social landscape & why?

 – How should we respond?

– Walking with someone with SSA/Gender Dysphoria


 Session 2- Date :21 Jul : Heart to Heart Talks 

– Handles for Conversations

 – Demonstrations

 – Role Plays


 Session 3 – Date : 26 Jul: Call to Action  

-Look at where youths stand in many of the ‘culture wars’

How adults are prioritising their desires over children

How children will be living in a world that is vastly different

Why we mustn’t outsource parenting


Register here.

We encourage you to key in full name

The zoom links will be given to you after registration. 


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