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Bishop Dr Gordon Wong of the Methodist Church in Singapore has released a letter to all Methodists on the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programme. Read it here.

Dear Faith Family

MCCY has allowed churches to resume physical services of not more than 50 persons in attendance, with several restrictions:
– No singing
– Masked throughout service
– Services to be kept short
– No Holy Communion
– No post-service mingling

I want to share with you 4 key values by which we decide when and how we should resume services and activities in church:

A. We are led by faith in God and love for His people. We ask ourselves, “How do we love and serve God’s people?”

B. We want to be right rather than first – so we will make sure our safety systems and plans are properly in place. We will make sure that we do things right instead of being first to resume physical services.

C. We honour our partnership with QCMC. Faith and QCMC are located together on the same premises. We value our partnership with QCMC, and because we share the premises, choose to collaborate and honour each other even as we work out service times and use of ministry space.

D. We value humility over certainty – this means we can’t always be certain of what’s going to happen, but in humility before God, we do our best for Him.

With these considerations in mind, we will watch the development of Phase 2 regarding the community spread of COVID-19, and the earliest we will consider resuming physical services will be end July. We seek your patience, understanding and prayers for the right opportunity for us to resume physical services.

While physical services will not be resumed, our church office and premises will be re-opened from 1 July. A skeletal team will be on site while most of the staff will still be working from home as required by regulations. If you do come by the church premises, please comply with all necessary safe distancing measures and SafeEntry requirements.

Even though church premises are reopened, only limited ministry activities may slowly resume because a very limited number of people are allowed to be on site for ministry activities at any one time. Small Groups are encouraged to continue meeting via video-conferencing if you have been doing so.

Even as we continue into Phase 2, I seek your prayers for God’s wisdom to be with us as we slowly resume ministry. It will be a new normal but one filled with fresh possibilities despite the pandemic. One Mission doesn’t stop, and the Church doesn’t close. The people of God will continue to shine for Him, be disciples and make disciples wherever He has placed us, for such a time as this. We are still, and always have been, ONE Family with ONE Word, for ONE Mission.

Take care and stay well in our Lord. Shalom.

Ps Ray

As we exit the circuit breaker period and transit into phase 1 of its reopening, our MCS Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung, together with our CAC, ETAC, and TRAC Presidents, have released a message available here. Read it to find out what being in phase 1 means for us as the Methodist Church in Singapore, in aspects such as Holy Communion, weddings, and worship services!

Dear Faith Family

I pray you are well in our Lord. May His shalom continue to be with you and your family in these challenging times.

The Government has announced that we will exit Circuit Breaker on 2 June. Three Phases will be implemented to ease into the new normal. According to the announcements, it is likely that we may be able to resume physical worship services in Phase 3 and that may be several months from 2 June.

For the month of June (Phase 1), we will continue live-streaming pre-recorded services. There will be no physical meetings in church and church office remains closed. I would like to encourage Small Groups to continue meeting via teleconferencing. Let’s continue to encourage each other to stay steadfast in our Lord as we brace ourselves for the uncertain future beyond Circuit Breaker.

Above all, let’s humble ourselves to seek the Lord for what lies ahead. I know God’s sovereign purposes are unfolding and He is refining us, the Bride, to be ready for the coming of the Bridegroom.

Take care for the journey ahead.

Pressing on with you,
Ps Ray

Update 22 April 2020:
EXTENDED: Temporary Closure Of Church Premises (7 April – 1 June 2020)

Following the latest Government measures to extend the circuit breaker period to 1 June 2020, the temporary closure of our church premises will also be extended for the same dates. Our MCS Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung has also released a message available here.

Let’s continue to stay connected via our social media platforms (Facebook / Instagram), and our broadcast messaging channels (Whatsapp / Telegram)! We will also be live streaming a 9am Mandarin Service and 11am English Service every Sunday.

Small Groups are encouraged to persevere in meeting via teleconferencing. Let’s all find every opportunity to be a blessing to those in need and deeply affected by the extension of the circuit breaker. May God’s grace be ever sufficient for you in these challenging times.

Further updates will continue to be shared on our website, social media, and broadcast channels.

Update 4 April 2020:
Temporary Closure Of Church Premises (7 April – 4 May 2020)

Dear Faith Family

“I pray you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” – 3 John 2

What an apt prayer in the times we are in. I pray your souls are truly well.

With the latest Government measures for closure of most workplaces, the church will be closed for a month. During this time, we will do our best to continue live-streaming services though there may be some change and adaptation as we cope with different constraints. For this, I earnestly seek your understanding and prayers.

I do urge you to comply with the stricter measure imposed by the Government because that is our Christian responsibility and witness to do our part in this battle against COVID-19.

But I also ask that you do not be fearful but instead, faith-filled. Pray for a fresh revelation of who God is. Realign to Him. Rest in His love and promises through prayer and daily devotion in His Word. Seize opportunities to connect with others: make that a phone call to that person you have not spoken to for a while. Encourage each other in the faith. Reach out to someone who may be in need.

Small Groups, continue your meetings over teleconferencing. Don’t stop spurring each other toward love. Include someone you know who is not in a Small Group in your fellowship. That matters so much more in the times we are in.

During this time, let’s all stay connected through the church’s communication channels. You can still reach us through our contact particulars. The church may be closed but our life together remains open!

Take care, stay safe. But above all, keep your hearts centered on our good and faithful God. May we rest in His victory as we live in surrendered urgency for the times we are in.

Doing my part with you,
Ps Ray

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Update 6 April 2020:
In support of the circuit breaker measures that will be implemented by the Singapore Government from 7 April – 4 May, our MCS Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung has released a message available here: ENGLISH  |  CHINESE.

Update 30 March 2020:

“In our Methodist teaching of Prevenient grace, the Holy Communion is also one of the means of grace. Remember, this is only temporary. In this extreme situation and the civic action required to overcome this disease, let us join together with other countries to work towards the health of our nations for the blessing of the generations that come after us. Let us put aside this act of piety for the moment and in turn, replace it with an act of mercy. Thus we fulfil our responsibility as a good citizen and a good neighbour by this temporary suspension of the Holy Communion.”

Our MCS Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung, together with Rev Dr Gregory Goh Nai Lat (CAC President), Rev James Nagulan (ETAC President), and Rev Dr Gordon Wong (TRAC President), have collectively come to the decision to temporarily suspend Holy Communion across the Methodist Church in Singapore until 30 April 2020. Read their full message here: English / Chinese.

Update 28 March 2020:
As a follow up to the temporary suspension of worship services across the Methodist Church in Singapore until 30 April 2020, our MCS Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung, has released a message available here.

Update 25 March 2020:
Suspension Of All Worship Services & Activities At Faith Methodist Church

Dear Faith family,

Yesterday (24 March), the Government announced the suspension of worship services and congregations from Thursday, 26 March 2359 hrs till 30 April to help reduce the risk of local spread of COVID-19. Places of worship may only be open for private worship and essential rites, subject to group sizes of 10 pax or less at any one time. The Methodist Church in Singapore stands by our Government’s decision, as responsible members of Singapore’s community. Our Bishop’s message is available for your reading here.

Following these directives and to play our part in the prevention of transmission, the following will apply from 26 March, 2359 hrs:

Small Groups
– SGs are encouraged to continue meeting via videoconferencing
– No meeting to be held in church until further notice
– If your meeting is held off-site, physical attendance should be limited to 10 pax, observing social distancing of 1m apart
– SGs with >10 pax are encouraged to split into smaller groups

Worship Services
– All physical worship services will be suspended till further notice
– Online services will be live streamed every Sunday at 8am and 11am. Details will be available on our website at

Ministry Meetings
– Ministries are encouraged to continue meetings via videoconferencing
– No meeting to be held in church until further notice

Weddings & Funerals
– Physical attendance should be limited to 10 pax at any one time

Let’s continue to keep the situation in prayer. Our activities may have ceased but the church hasn’t! The church is the people of God who will continue to pursue and glorify Him, even in challenging times like these. Let’s continue to meet (online or otherwise) to encourage and care for one another.

Let’s also take this opportunity to pause, be still, and realign our hearts to Him. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is the resounding call for repentance, realignment, and right posturing in this season of Lent. Let’s humble ourselves before Him, seek His face and find His grace in this time of need.

May God’s grace be with you and your families.

Persevering with you
Ps Ray

Update 20 March 2020:
Suspension Of All Sunday Worship Services At Faith Methodist Church

Dear Faith family,

In view of the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) stands in solidarity with the recent heightened efforts by the Government to control the continuing spread of the virus. MCS has therefore decided that all Methodist churches temporarily suspend worship services for two weeks and resume on 5 April, Palm Sunday. Our Bishop’s message is available for your reading here.

All Sunday worship services at Faith Methodist Church will therefore be suspended from this Sunday, 22 March 2020 for two Sundays, 22 & 29 March. This includes our 8am, 9am, 10.30am & 11am English Services, 10.15am Mandarin Service, and 10.40am TTB Youth Service. All our SUN JAM children’s programmes remain suspended. Filipino and Indonesian Fellowship Gatherings will also be suspended.

We encourage you to spend time with your families in worship and hearing God’s Word proclaimed through our online services, which will be broadcasted this Sunday at 8am & 11am. Details of our broadcasts will be available at Replays will only be available for the 8am and not the 11am broadcast due to licensing issues.

Do persevere to meet as Small Groups, whether in person or virtually, and keep up with studying and encouraging one another with God’s Word. Kindly note that while meeting spaces within our church will still be available for booking, you are encouraged to hold your meetings off-site wherever possible.

Updates on the resumption of services and events at Faith will be available on our website at You can also follow our Whatsapp ( and Telegram ( broadcast channels for updates.

Let us continue to pray unceasingly, and bring God’s love and hope in these uncertain times to point others to Him.

Persevering with you,
Ps Ray

Update 14 March 2020:
Message from the PIC’s Office

Dear Faith Family

In the current COVID-19 situation, MOH’s latest advisory is that the size of a gathering be not more than 250 participants where possible and this includes a worship service. This Sunday (15 March) we would have to direct worshippers to our overflow rooms when the main service venue has reached 250 in attendance. The details for overflow are below.

I know this entails a sacrifice of comfort and convenience but I seek your patient understanding and generous cooperation with our staff and volunteers who are working extra hard to safeguard our worshippers during this challenging season.

I seek your prayers for the pastors, staff and leaders, as we discern the Lord’s revelation and wisdom for the many difficult decisions we have to make for the church in the season ahead. Pray that we may always pause to listen, and in knowing His ways, find His grace to obey.

In these uncertain times, may you be rested and rooted in Jesus. May God calm your every anxiety, and may His power and presence turn your fear to faith, and your helplessness to hopefulness. May we not let this trial pass us by without being purified by Him, and grasping the urgency of the Gospel to live for Him, as we lovingly serve the least and last among us.

God’s shalom be with you and your family.
Ps Ray

Details for overflow arrangements:
Main venue – Sanctuary (L1)
Overflow rooms – Charis Hall (L4); Doulos, Koinonia & Kairos Rooms (L4); Wesley Hall (Attic Level)
Main venue – Worship Hall (L4)
Overflow rooms – Charis Hall (L4)

Update 13 March 2020:
Temporary Suspension Of All Senior-Centric Activities

On 10 March 2020, the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued an advisory announcing the suspension of all senior-centric activities by government agencies for 14 days, from 11 March to 24 March 2020. For this purpose, the People’s Association (PA) has defined seniors as those aged 50 and above. The advisory is available on the MOH website.

In support of this national effort to reduce the risks of COVID-19 transmission among seniors, Faith Methodist Church will continue suspending all senior-centric activities for the same period.

We will also be taking extra precautions where there are seniors attending our worship services and events. These can include looking out for seniors with respiratory symptoms, reducing interaction time among seniors, and advising seniors who feel unwell to see a doctor and to stay home. For healthy seniors, they should continue to maintain good personal hygiene such as washing their hands frequently and avoiding touching their face and eyes.

The complete list of Faith programme updates due to COVID-19 is available here. We seek your patience and cooperation as we work to safeguard our worshippers and seniors during this outbreak. Let’s keep this situation in prayer.

Update 25 February 2020:
FAQ on Leave Of Absence (LOA), Stay At Home Notice (SHN) and Home Quarantine Order (HQO) for Members / Worshippers of Faith Methodist Church

1. Do we need to inform the church if we know of a member/worshipper who is on LOA/SHN/HQO?

LOA, SHN and HQO are precautionary measures though the HQO has legal penalties for non- compliance (refer to

There is no need to inform the church about cases of LOA and SHN, where the LOA or SHN has been issued by external organisations (e.g. the employer of the member concerned).

However, as HQO is issued for a person who is suspected to be a carrier or in contact with an infected person (refer to, the church needs to be informed of such cases if they involve a member or worshipper.

2. Is LOA voluntary? Can the church issue an LOA?

LOA can be voluntary or issued by the employer/organisation. The church can therefore issue an LOA to a staff, where necessary.

3. What about Small Group Leaders (SGLs) and Ministry Chairpersons? Can they advise LOAs?

Yes, they may advise a person to be on LOA from a Ministry programme or Small Group (SG) meeting after consulting the Parish Leader (for SG matters) and Pastors.

LOA from SG and Ministry meetings will be advised for a person who is a family member living in the same household as someone who is infected or on HQO because of the potential risk involved.

4. What can the SG do when one of the members is serving out a/an LOA/SHN/HQO?

– In your meetings, include this SG member through teleconferencing/videoconferencing.
– Stay in communication with the member to check on his/her well-being.
– Show care by praying for the member and extending practical assistance where feasible.

5. How are we to extend care to members/worshippers who are not in a Small Group but serving out a/an LOA/SHN/HQO?

If the church knows of such persons, the PIC office will coordinate efforts to provide help and support.

6. What do we do if an infected person has attended church service, SG meeting, Ministry events and other gatherings at Faith’s premises?

SGL/Ministry Chairpersons must inform the Parish Leader and Pastors so that necessary assistance may be given for contact tracing under MOH guidelines and direction.

It is therefore imperative that Ministries record particulars of attendees at their events and SG Leaders take note of attendance (e.g. taking a group picture) and readily assist with required information.

Update 16 February 2020:
(Last Updated: 24 February 2020)
Message from the PIC’s Office

Dear Faith Family

Advisories concerning Ministry events and Small Group meetings have been issued. Events have been postponed or cancelled. Does it mean ministry has stopped? Not at all. Some suggestions:

1. As a family, pray. Teach your children how they should respond in times like these: Fear to Faith. Turn this current situation into discipleship moments for them.

2. As a Small Group, don’t stop meeting. Think of creative ways to meet. Create a prayer chain. Encourage each other. Fear to Faith.

Make intentional effort to include your members who may be front-line personnel like doctors, nurses, operations staff who are involved in daily temperature screening or even quarantine matters. They may find it difficult to join your meeting for various reasons, so encourage them by intentionally including them through means like teleconferencing (e.g. Jitsi).

In fact, you can engage in a simple project to bless front-line persons (remember our cleaners too!) with notes of encouragement, appreciation packs, and prayers as they faithfully serve us. Bless them in creative ways as the Spirit leads you.

3. Volunteer with FaithActs (to clean and declutter homes), and organisations like Food From the Heart, Willing Hearts, and Free Food For All (to pack food and deliver to the needy). They are short on volunteers given the current situation.

4. Spread hope and not fear. Your response to the situation is the most powerful testimony you can offer!

5. Point all to Christ who is the true source of peace. Come and worship on Sunday. If you are unable to, we will live-stream one service every Sunday so anyone can be encouraged, refreshed, and comforted through worship and Word.

Let’s pray.

“Spirit, touch your church. Stir our hearts. Cause us to arise with faith, as we put our trust in You, because You make a way for us, You perform the impossible and You keep your promise of being with us, no matter what.

So help us be with You. Abide in You. Rested in You.

Help us be with Your people, especially the ones who are anxious, vulnerable, ostracised, and unappreciated, because Jesus, you would have done that, and we want to be more like You.


Ps Ray

Update 15 February 2020:
Message from the PIC’s Office

Dear Faith Family,

I wish to keep you informed of the decision of the Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) to not suspend services tomorrow as long as we can observe the precautionary measures MOH has in place.

MOH has advised that worship services may continue, but with appropriate precautionary measures (

I want to assure you that we have these measures in place and are doing our best to ensure they are well-implemented.

I know that City Harvest Church, Adam Road Presbyterian Church, and the Roman Catholic Church have suspended their services/masses and you may be wondering if we should do the same.

Let me encourage you to trust the decision that our Methodist Church leadership has made.

I believe the Lord has led them to this decision and may the Lord continue to lead us to trust Him for His grace, protection and presence as we gather in His name.

For those of us who are unwell or unable to join us, you are most welcome to join us for worship through the live-stream of our 8am Service tomorrow. Replays are available if you miss the live-stream.

Let’s be praying.

May God’s shalom be with you and your family.

Ps Ray

Update 12 February 2020:
(Last Updated: 24 February 2020)
Advisory On Ministry / Small Group Events & Use Of Rooms In View Of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

With MOH’s directive to minimize contact and review all large-scale meetings, the following are to apply:

1. Unless approved by the Pastors’ Office, all events/meetings organized by a non-Faith Methodist Church organization (i.e. an external party), especially those involving seniors and young, will be cancelled. We will inform all the concerned organizers within this week of their event/meeting status.

2. Ministries are to review all meetings/events, including mission trips. These should be cancelled or postponed if they are not considered essential. Ministries can explore other options (e.g. teleconferencing apps such as Jitsi) to meet instead.

In the event meetings/events are going on, Ministries need to inform attendees to administer their own temperature checks and stay away from the meeting/event if they are not well. The Ministry organising the event/meeting is to keep a record (e.g. minutes or self-registration template) of the attendance, for at least a month from the date of meeting.

Should such meetings and events take place, the Ministry is to administer temperature screening. Any attendee whose body temperature is 37.5°C and above is not to attend.

3. Small Groups may proceed to meet as they wish. If they do, the necessary precautions (e.g. self temperature-taking, staying away from SG if unwell) should be taken. Small Groups may explore other options (e.g. teleconferencing apps such as Jitsi) to meet instead.

4. Although suitable church venues will continue to be made available, Small Groups are encouraged to meet in homes or external venues, where feasible. However, all venues used by Small Groups or otherwise have to be vacated by 7pm every Saturday to enable thorough cleaning before Sunday.

Update 10 February 2020:
In response to the confirmed case of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection that has involved Paya Lebar Methodist Church, the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung, has released a message available here.

Last Updated: 19 March 2020
Please click here to view the live streams of our worship services.
Please click here for the full list of programme changes.

Due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, please be informed of the following with immediate effect:

Contact Tracing
– We will be collecting personal data in case of contact tracing for all individuals attending our worship services and events, at both our 400 Commonwealth Drive and ACJC premises, for gatherings of >100 pax. This applies to events held on weekdays as well.
– Please follow the instructions given during the worship service / event to submit your details.
– Please be informed that our Personal Data Protection Policy (PDPP) has been updated to include collection of personal data for contact tracing purposes. More information is available here. Your details submitted for contact tracing will only be used should you need to be contacted specifically regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.

Body Temperature Scanning
– Body temperature scanning will be conducted for all individuals entering our worship service and event venues, at both our 400 Commonwealth Drive and ACJC premises, for gatherings of >100 pax. This applies to events held on weekdays as well.
– Please follow the instructions of the ushers for temperature scanning.
– Individuals whose temperatures are >=37.5°C, or who are experiencing respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, sore throat, running nose, breathlessness, etc) may be escorted to a holding area and/or denied entry to our worship services and events by a member of the leadership, church staff, or temperature scanning volunteers.
– Worship services and events will commence punctually as scheduled unless otherwise indicated.

Entering & Exiting Worship Service Venues
– To facilitate body temperature scanning, please observe the following traffic flows in and out of our worship service venues:

  • 8am Service (L1 Sanctuary, Faith Methodist Church)
    – Entry via main doors at lift lobby only
    – All doors available for exit
  • 9am Service (L4 Worship Hall, Faith Methodist Church)
    – Entry via main doors at lift lobby only
    – All doors available for exit
  • 11am Service (L4 Worship Hall, Faith Methodist Church)
    – Entry via main doors at lift lobby only
    – All doors available for exit
  • Mandarin & TTB Youth Services (ACJC)
    – No change in traffic flows in and out of ACJC premises
    – Body temperature scanning will be conducted at the entrances to our worship service venues

Stay Updated
– Subscribe to the WhatsApp service at for latest updates on COVID-19 and other government information
– Subscribe to Faith’s broadcast messaging services, WhatsApp and Telegram, for church-related updates on COVID-19 and other announcements at Faith

Avoid church attendance, see a doctor, and implement self-quarantine if you:
– Are feeling unwell
– Have travelled out of Singapore in the last 14 days

Adopt Good Personal Hygiene Practices
– Wear a mask while in church if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (e.g. cough, running nose, sore throat, etc). Masks are available from the ushers or at the Info Counter
– Sanitize your hands. Sanitizers are available at the entrances to our worship service venues and various points around the church
– Avoid shaking hands with others. Please note that there will be no shaking of hands during the Exchange Of Peace and other worship service segments. Instead, greet others with hands placed palms-together in front with a slight bow of the head

As the situation is evolving, please refer to regularly for updates. We seek your patience and cooperation as we work to keep our worshippers safe during this outbreak. Let’s keep this situation in prayer.

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