"Embracing A New Life" by Jeremy Yap

Embracing A New Life

Jeremy Yap shares his testimony of God's healing and providence.

By: Jeremy Yap December 25, 2017

I have been a Cabin Crew with Singapore Airlines (SIA) for 25 years. Since November last year, I had been experiencing small cramps in my collar bone area but I dismissed it as jet lag, tiredness and fatigue. On 24 March this year while I was in Frankfurt, I woke up one night with a 20-minute chest cramp and headache.

My first thought was to pray and thank God for healing me. I claimed the promise from Isaiah 53:5, “By His Stripes, Jesus has healed me!” Without worrying much, I popped two Panadols and went back to sleep! The next day thank God I felt fine and flew back to Singapore. On the plane, I had a few more mild discomforts and eventually decided that I had better get myself checked out before returning to work.

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A Medical Emergency

On 28 March, I consulted a GP who was alarmed by my cholesterol and blood test readings. He immediately referred me to a cardiologist who did a blood test for troponin (which the heart releases when it is injured). A normal reading is usually from 1-39, with 39 being very risky. My reading was above 2,300 which, according to my cardiologist, was equivalent to a massive heart attack!

He recommended an angiogram to put stents in me but during the procedure, he had to reverse his decision because he discovered four main arteries were 90% blocked (filled with all the leftover good food I had enjoyed all the years!). Due to my age, he strongly recommended open heart surgery.

On 6 April 2017, I underwent a quadruple bypass surgery—something I never imagined a healthy-looking guy like me would ever have to undergo.

God’s Timely Intervention

Through this episode, I discovered a few things. Firstly, I had ignored God’s prompting when He gave me many signs and opportunities to get my health checked. Secondly, I had neglected this body that God has blessed me with. This “temple”, which the Holy Spirit is supposed to dwell in, was not in the best shape for God to use efficiently.

As a cabin crew, my lifestyle revolved around frequent flying and spending quality time as a full-time father, husband and provider. I would always push myself to maximise my limited hours at home, and had disregarded my health in the process.


Enjoying A New Life

I thank God for a smooth surgery and a swift recovery. For the last six months since my surgery, God has allowed my body to totally rest and normalise. I can now sleep through at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep—thank God! Previously, I could hardly sleep through 2-3 hours without waking up.

God not only restored my health; He also took care of my work. After I resigned from SIA, He blessed me with a new job with regular office hours. Today, not only do I have a new lifestyle, I also have a new job and a new heart!

Footnote: This testimony was shared during church service on Sunday, 22 October

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