Temporary Suspension of
10.30am Service & 10.30am Children’s Programme

(Suspension Period: 23 December 2019 – 30 January 2020)

Due to air-conditioning renovation works at the ACJC CPA from 23 December 2019 – 30 January 2020, our 10.30am Praise@AC Contemporary Service will be temporarily suspended during this period. The concurrent 10.30am SUN JAM children’s programme will also be suspended accordingly.

During this period, members from our 10.30am Service are invited to attend our 9am Service (Commonwealth), 10.15am Mandarin Service (ACJC), or 10.40am TTB Youth Service (ACJC) instead. SUN JAM children’s programme is available at our 9am Service. Please note that there will be no TTB Youth Service on 29 December (Tacklecamp) and 5 January (Vision Sunday).

Members will be notified once the renovation works are complete and will be informed of the resumption of the 10.30am Praise@AC Contemporary Service and 10.30am SUN JAM children’s programme.

There are no changes to our Mandarin and TTB Youth Services which will continue to run as usual at the other venues within the ACJC premises.

For enquiries, please contact our Church Office at 6471 9420 or We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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