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Jeffrey Chan (Oikodome Small Group) says…

I have been truly blessed to be part of the Oikodome family. This is where I have gradually grown and matured as a person of faith.

The group provided me with pastoral care as well as support, enabling me to experience the love, joy and companionship of Christ with the family of God. I’ve learned and benefitted greatly from the members’ personal testimonies and spiritual experiences. Each of our life experiences may differ but the members’ authentic sharing of life struggles and faith journeys has spurred me to find courage to confess my failings and spiritual needs. Given the different personalities in the group, I have learnt how to establish mutual trust and listen to one another’s needs. The various healthy activities beyond the regular meeting further helped to strengthen our bonding.

I would like to attest to the powerful prayer support from my group members without which I would be totally lost in the midst of my trials. When going through difficult times, knowing that I have the support and care of these brothers and sisters in Christ indeed lightened my burden.

Ever since I was encouraged to take the step of faith to be an apprentice leader, I have been blessed with many more learning opportunities and spiritual training to lead a prayerful life. There is no doubt that being in a small group has helped me to find the true meaning of Christian living.

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