Reopening Of Garden Of Eternal Peace Columbarium

In-keeping with our movement into Phase 2 of COVID-19 control measures, the Garden of Eternal Peace Columbarium is now reopened to visitors at its regular hours:

Columbarium Opening Hours:
– Daily: 8am – 8pm
– Public Holidays: 9am – 2pm
– Location: Faith Methodist Church Basement (B1)

Visitors to the Columbarium are to observe the following:

  • Observe safe distancing of at least 1m at all times
  • Visiting families are limited to a maximum of 5 persons per group, observing safe distancing of at least 1m between groups
  • Visits should be kept as short as possible, with no mingling between groups
  • All visitors must wear a face mask at all times. Those without a face mask may be refused entry
  • – All visitors are to scan the SafeEntry QR code for check-in/out for contact tracing purposes
  • Visitors are not allowed to drive into and/or park in the church premises. Kindly park at any of the neighbouring HDB carparks

More details on the Garden Of Eternal Peace Columbarium are available here.


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