COVID-19 has affected all of us. How can we make the most of this period for God, ourselves, our families, and friends? How can we reach out to others and be a light for Christ? Check out the resources below to find out!

One Mission Small Group Conference – Get Equipped As A Small Group!

P.R.A.Y. For Small Groups



  • How Can We Be The Body When Physically Separated? – by Erik Raymond
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  • Discipling When Your Group Can’t Meet Due To COVID-19
    Keeping Small Groups Connected While Social Distancing – by Bill Search
    How can a group still be a group even when it can’t meet as a group? How do you best use that time to help people grow in their faith, deepen relational connections, and cultivate hearts for others through service?
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  • How To Increase Regular Commitment To Small Groups
    4 Principles We Can Learn From The Early Church – by Andrew Wheeler
    What if Small Group was so important to members, they would turn down conflicting invitations and events? What if Small Group could move up on our members’ lists of priorities?
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  • How To Pursue Spiritual Growth In Small Groups
    3 Keys To Experience Lasting Life Change – by Dr Bill Donahue
    Is spiritual growth important to our groups? Is it actually possible for real change to happen in our groups? How do we as leaders work alongside the Holy Spirit to foster that growth?
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  • 5 Common Small Group Myths (And The Truth To Help Transform Your Group) – by Steven Lee
    What you believe about why you are in a Small Group will dictate how you behave in that group.
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  • Small Group Drudgery
    Practical Solutions For Meetings That Fall Flat – by Randall Neighbour
    If your group meetings are longer than two hours – or just feel like they’re dragging – here are some helpful reminders and practical tips to move from drudgery to discipleship.
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  • Spiritual Disciplines – Why Are They So Critical Now?
    Connecting With God In The Midst Of A Pandemic – by Oliver Hersey
    As we get caught up in the tempest of ever-changing realities presented by COVID-19, some of us may be forgoing the spiritual disciplines that should be serving as our life preservers. Now, more than ever is the time to embrace the spiritual disciplines so we do not forget who God is, what God has done, and what God can still do today.
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  • Facilitate Meaningful Group Prayer
    Great Tips From An Experienced Small Group Leader – by Bill Donahue
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  • Embracing The Unsatisfied Life
    Building Sustainable Faith In Your Small Group – by Amy Simpson
    Sustainability is as important for our faith as it is in any other area of life. So what is sustainability, and how does it apply to our faith? And how can your Small Group help people build a faith that is sustainable?
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LoveSingapore 40.Day 2020 Prayer Guide


Hope In The Midst Of A Pandemic
A testimony by Linda Pang



  • National CARE Hotline: 1800 202 6868
  • Institute Of Mental Health (IMH) Mental Health Helpline: 6389 2222
  • Community Psychology Hub Online Counselling:
  • PAVE Integrated Services For Individual & Family Protection: 6555 0390
  • Other Community Helplines:


A Body Of Work
A resource by Curt Thompson MD

Managing Your Mental Health In Tough Times
An on-demand webinar series featuring Dr Curt Thompson, psychiatrist, speaker, and author

Coping With Mental & Emotional Stresses

Supporting Someone With Anxiety

One Mission Small Group Conference – Get Equipped As A Small Group!

1. GIVE!


i. Give – To Migrant Workers

ii. Give – To The Homeless

iii. Give – To The Chronic Poor

2. Volunteer with a Food Provision Service!


3. Other Ways To Reach Out


  • Bless your Town Council workers or an essential service worker with a gift/meal
  • Encourage a front-line personnel, e.g. medical personnel, hospital staff/cleaner, operations staff with an e-card from our Faith family!
  • Connect with and encourage a missionary you know, or someone in our Acts 1:8 mission fields you make trips to
  • Invite someone to your Small Group meeting held via videoconferencing
  • Introduce a friend to the Gospel through an app
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