Outreach Activities:
Ice Breakers & Games For Youth

Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, so don’t miss the chance to teach kids why His birth matters!


1. Pterodactyl

2. Paper Caterpillar Racing


1. Karaoke With A Twist

  • Participant has to sing a song but has to replace all the lyrics with a chosen animal sound e.g. meowing. The rest have to guess the song.

2. Identity Crisis

  • Participants have to go around the room to share their name and 2 fun facts about themselves.
  • Every time they share with someone else, they have to swap identities. E.g. Person A and B share with each other. Person A is now Person B and vice versa. This goes on for a set amount of time. At the end, each participant has to share their latest identity and fun facts and see if they got it correct.


1. Silent Karaoke

  • Sing a song on mute and others have to guess
  • As the leader, you will start singing a song while on muteā€¦ Everyone then has to guess what you are singing in the chat window. The first person to answer will receive a point. The singer can rotate to everyone in the group, or just stay with one person. Whoever is singing, must be on mute. Below are some songs you can start out with, but you can do any song you want! Make sure to pull up lyrics so you know them!

2. Home Scavenger Hunt

  • As the leader, you will have a list of items participants need to collect throughout their home. Name each item one at a time and give everyone 20 seconds. Each item is worth a different amount of points. Have them tally their own points in the chat.
  • Make your own list and points.. here are some suggestions.
    – Coffee mug: 5
    – Blanket: 5
    – A phone charger: 10
    – Plant: 10
    – Physical Bible: 15
    – Hand sanitizer: 20
    – Toilet Paper: 25
    – A garden tool: 20
    – A pet: 30
    – A baby / younger sibling: 40
    – A television: 50

3. Where Am I?

  • Load 10 diff pics of well-known places, one-by-one, as the virtual background, and have a competition to see who can identify the place first. Can be Singapore edition or customised according to what each age group will be interested in.

4. Who Dis?

  • Everyone submits a fun fact anonymously. The group will take turns trying to match each fun fact to members of the group.

5. What Am I Holding?

  • Find a random, preferably weird, object and others have to ask yes/no questions to guess the item.

6. Picture This

  • Split into groups/breakout rooms. Each group is to take a group picture forming a specified object e.g. cockroach. Most accurate and creative group wins a prize.


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