One Christmas 2021

It is a year-end Christmas initiative by Faith Methodist Church (Faith) to bless and uplift others in this period of good tidings and joy. The initiative will involve everyone! Our goal is also to invite people to our evangelistic Christmas services.

Three ways! Pick one, or better still, pick all 3!

  • Give someone a gift (a back-slided friend, a front-liner, transport providers)
  • Bring the gift to your AAB/AAF/GOLD residents
  • Join your Pillar and bring a gift to bless people in their designated zones. Contact your Parish Leaders to find out more.
    Pastor Eddie Ho: Wet market, hawkers, shop owners
    Pastor Reuben Ng: Rainbow Center
    Pastor Mei Ming: United Medicare Center
    Pastor Peter Koh, Pastor John Foo: Taxi stand on both sides of Commonwealth Avenue outside church

You will receive a humidifier and call card with information about Faith and an invitation to our Christmas services on 25 December 2021. Details of the evangelistic services are included.

You’re not required to but if you would like to, please go ahead. Stickers will be provided to decorate the packaging.

The outreach gifts are available for collection from 5 – 11 December. Small Groups and all who are participating in the Christmas outreach are invited to collect your outreach gifts per the schedule below! Small Groups can send a representative for gift collection.

5 December 2021
(Sunday) 9.15am – 1pm
Venue: Level 3 Carpark

6 – 11 December 2021
(Monday – Friday) 10am – 4pm, 6pm – 8pm
(Saturday) 10am – 12pm
Venue: Level 5 Church Office

Yes, you most certainly can!

  • Personal gifts – as soon as you collect it
  • AAB – as soon as you collect it
  • Pillar gifts – your Parish leaders will share the dates

Anyone can! However, if you are visiting any of the designated organisations or will be distributing gifts via AAB/GOLD, you have to be fully vaccinated*.

*Includes those who have recovered from COVID-19, i.e. less than 270 days of first positive Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result obtained in Singapore.

The organisations we want to bless operate in the day, and so we have chosen to accommodate to the dates and timings given by them. We view this as a mission effort, and Faith is known for our generosity and willingness to take time off work to go on mission trips especially during the year end.

You can still participate in One Christmas by bringing the gift at any time to someone closer to home, at your workplace, and even to your friends and family. Together, we can bless the larger community that we are placed in.

Invite him/her to Alpha Together Online which will run in January. Better yet, prepare yourself, train to be a facilitator! Email to find out more.

You can also sign up to be a nurturer to better journey with your friend, or anyone else. Email to find out more.

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