Faith Kindergarten


Faith Kindergarten first opened its doors in 1967, a year after Faith Methodist Church was founded, as part of the vision of the late Rev T C Nga, Faith Methodist Church’s founding Pastor. Faith Kindergarten’s objective was to bring affordable pre-school education to the Queenstown community, as well as be an outreach arm of the church. From there, its enrolment grew steadily, and Faith Kindergarten soon became one of the better-known pre-school centres in the west of Singapore.

Faith Kindergarten was a joint ministry of both Faith Methodist Church and Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church after the church building was redeveloped in 2003. As of 2019, Faith Kindergarten is now part of the ministry arm of Faith Methodist Church.

Today, Faith Kindergarten comes under the jurisdiction of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). It received the SPARK Certification for quality pre-school education since 2011, and got its Licensing in 2017. It conducts two school sessions, with about 260 children in the Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K1 and K2 classes.

Faith Kindergarten aims not only to develop a child holistically, but also plant the seeds of faith. Through the concerted efforts of a very supportive Management Board, faithful and dedicated staff, and supportive parents, it constantly works to fulfil its Philosophy, Mission, and Vision to inculcate essential life values in its children.

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