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One Christmas 2021 一个圣诞 2021

Sunday - Friday, 12 December - 24 December 2021

Organized by Faith’s Small Group Ministry


CLICK HERE for an overview of the One Christmas 2021 timeline!

Faith’s Small Group Ministry spearheads One Christmas 2021, a reminder to the community around us that there is only ONE Saviour, Jesus Christ, who is the Reason for the Season!

One Christmas 2021 is an outreach initiative to bless our community and neighbourhood! Faith members collect a pre-packed gift and postcard prepared by the church, and give it away to someone around our church vicinity. These may be taxi drivers, delivery riders, Tanglin Halt hawkers, nearby shop owners, nursing homes, or anyone who passes by our church! Let’s become a channel of God’s love to people around us. Visit this page again for updates and collection details!

For enquiries, email Peh Oon Thian, Pastoral Team Member for Small Groups at Let’s live out our church vision of “Transforming Lives, Changing The World”!

《一个圣诞 2021》

点击这里一览《一个圣诞 2021》主要日期的时间线!

思珍堂小组事工将引导《一个圣诞 2021》(One Christmas 2021),提醒我们耶稣基督是独一无二的救主,亦是圣诞的由来。

《一个圣诞 2021》是一个外展项目,旨在把祝福带给我们邻里的社区。会友将把教会准备好的礼包与明信片送给教会附近一带的人。他们可以包括德士司机、送餐员/送货员、东陵福的小贩、附近商店的店主、疗养院或任何经过教会的人!让我们把上帝的爱传给周遭的人。请稍后再查阅此页有关领取礼包与明信片的详情!

如有疑问,请电邮 联络教牧同工(小组),白恩典弟兄。让我们共同活出教会的愿景:“更新生命,改变世界”! 

Get Equipped For One Christmas 2022!

Join the programmes below and get equipped for One Christmas 2022!

Christmas Day Evangelistic Services

If you meet or know of anyone who desires to find out more about the gospel, invite them to our Christmas Day evangelistic services! Let them hear the Good News and give them an opportunity to receive the gift of salvation. We can pray right now for our pre-believing friends, loved ones, and the community, that their hearts will be open to us this season!



Christmas Day English Traditional Evangelistic Service
(Saturday) 25 December 2021, 8am
Sanctuary (Level 1) & Worship Hall (L4)
Register to attend in-person:
Watch online live stream:

Christmas Day English Contemporary Evangelistic Service
(Saturday) 25 December 2021, 11.15am
Worship Hall (Level 4)
Register to attend in-person:
Watch online live stream:

Christmas Day Mandarin Evangelistic Service
(Saturday) 25 December 2021, 10.15am
Anglo-Chinese Junior College
School Hall (Level 2)
No registration required to attend in-person; walk-ins welcome!
Watch online live stream:


Kids Online Christmas Celebration (4-12 yos)
(Sunday) 19 December 2021, 10am
Register online to attend!
Free Christmas goodie bag for every registered child!

Sunday Worship Services on 26 December

English Traditional Service
(Sunday) 26 December 2021, 8am
Sanctuary (Level 1)
Register to attend in-person:
Watch online live stream:

*There will be NO 11.15am English Contemporary Service on 26 December.


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