Changes To Our Personal Data Protection Policy

Please be informed that the Personal Data Protection Policy of Faith Methodist Church has been updated as of 1 February 2020 to include the collection of personal data for contact tracing purposes.

The updated Policy is available at

For enquiries, please contact our Church Office.

Policy Amendment #1:

4.1 Data Collection & Consent

Faith Methodist Church collects personal data via:

a) Registration / Application Forms (Hardcopy and Electronic Form designed using Google Form or posted via our corporate website)

Note: In event where an individual is not able to give the consent, Faith Methodist Church may not be able to fulfill or deliver the intended services to the individual. In such scenario, Faith Methodist Church shall not be held responsible for the undelivered services to the individual.

b) Verbal through telephone or face to face.

c) Messaging through electronic devices such as SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc

d) Email

e) Contact tracing methods

Policy Amendment #2:

4.3 Data Usage

The personal data collected is used for the following purposes:

a) Small groups administration
b) Human Resource & Finance administration
c) Event Organisation, Planning & Management which includes but not limited to, church activities, services, training (formal and informal), church retreats or outings, programs and gatherings
d) Missions organisation and management
e) Fundraising, donations and activities for charitable causes
f) Tenancy management
g) Service intermediation (insurance and banking)
h) Members services such as membership & baptism
i) Queries and requests handling
j) Meeting the requirements of the law and authority
k) Corporate communication and publicity
l) Pastoral Care Ministry such as counseling of an individual who seeks support and/or guidance, hospital visitation, members home visitation funeral wake services, house blessings, marriages and others
m) Communication with an individual on matters related to the individual and the Church in the form of spoken or written via any forms of electronic communications devices or face to face.
n) Post Event Analysis to better understand the spiritual needs of the church
o) To contact worshippers in the event of contact tracing implementation


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