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Six Ways To Keep The “Little” In Your Girl

Faith Methodist Church

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Dannah Gresh


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Reviewed by: John Woon, Family Connect 1 Small Group

In guiding your daughters in their growing-up years, Dannah Gresh has suggested the following ways:

Way 1. Give her the right dolls to play with. When our daughters play with cute, non-sexual dolls, they tend to let imagination run loose. They role-play and create, giving muscle to their executive function. But when our daughters play with dolls that have a more seductive or beauty-based nature, they tend to be more confined in their imaginative play. Their play generally leans towards the notion “to seduce the boy.” Dr. Dianne Levin says “the more time a girl plays this way, the more she’ll focus on looks and coquettish behavior, and the less time she‘ll spend doing the open ended activities kids need. It puts her on a conveyor belt to early sexualization”. Healthy role playing with age appropriate dolls opens the door to pursue the imitation of the good.

Way 2. Celebrate her body by sharing about puberty. Parents should prepare the conversation years in advance on puberty. Tell her about her period between her eighth and tenth birthdays.

Way 3. Unplug her from a plugged-in world. Research proves that the smart mom says “no” to kids doing homework while simultaneously watching TV or listening to music. The brain prioritizes functions when asked to do two things at once. Since a song would be over in 3 minutes, the brain prioritizes it based on urgency, therefore math gets less brainpower.

Way 4. Unbrand her when the world tries to buy and sell her. Moms should practice modesty and humility in front of their daughters every day.

Way 5. Become a carpool queen and sleepover diva. This is a healthy way to get to know her friends and to shape their conversations.

Way 6. Dream with her about her prince. Keep her off the boys-crazy train while at the very same time developing within her a love for marriage by being positive about boys and telling her what she can have in the future.

In a connected world of diverse value systems, this book is a recommended read for moms.

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