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Growing Deep In Faith

Faith Methodist Church

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Edmund Chan

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Reviewed by: John Woon, Family Connect 1 Small Group

Life is complex. Problems suddenly appear. Questions arise. Doubts abound. And faith is sorely challenged. How do we develop a robust faith that will meet the unexpected challenges of life? Edmund Chan elaborates on this profound topic in his book ‘Growing Deep in Faith’.

Faith looks up to God and, seeing Him for who He is, rises above the trials and different changes in life. When we lose sight of God, there is a spiritual vacuum. Ultimately, it is all about God and true faith comes from life changing encounters with God. It is about faith in God and not faith in faith.

To deepen our faith amid life challenges, Edmund Chan poses some useful questions to us:

  • Do we focus on ourselves or on God?
  • Do we focus on status quo or moving forward?
  • Do we focus on maintenance mode or mission mode?
  • Do we focus on problem or the potential?

Without God as our master, we will remain trapped in our own preoccupations with the searing demands of life. We will end up living by compulsion rather than by calling. We will end up running after emptiness and becoming empty as described in Jeremiah 2:15. Don’t auto-pilot your life.

Do not rely on your strength; rather, rely on your faith to sail through the storms of life. Strength comes from looking at yourself and your meager resources. Faith comes from looking at God and His abundant resources. So cling on to your faith that God is faithful. The question is will we persevere in faith in the faithfulness of God?

Sometimes our faith is shaken and we become weary. When that happens, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is more important?
  • Who is in control?
  • Who knows?

If you believe that God knows, don’t worry. If you believe that God cares, don’t worry. If you believe that God provides, don’t worry. If you believe that God is in control, don’t worry. Cultivate the God-centered faith that overcomes weariness.

Lastly, to grow in your faith, deepen your spiritual discipline by:

  • Adopting a kingdom mindset
  • Fasting for spiritual vitality
  • Reading the Bible, listening to God, and doing God’s will.

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