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Family Shock

Faith Methodist Church

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Gary R. Collins


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Barcode No. 502087

Reviewed by: John Woon, Family Connect 1 Small Group

How could families better cope with change? How could we better recognize family fault lines? What critical roles do grandparents play? How could family cope with divorce? How could family cope with grief and loss?

These and many other issues are addressed by Gary R. Collins in his book “Family Shock”.

Many people fear these changes, sensing that they will tear apart our nation and our homes. Change, however, is a part of life, and we cannot cope by resisting its impact, denying its reality, or withdrawing into what have been called “armored cocoons”. When we understand the changes that are shaking families, we can take steps to deal with the change and undergird our homes so they can stand firm.

The church must become a stabilizing influence that gives direction, healing, hope, and security to marriages and families that are battered by the shock waves of change.

From the beginning of recorded time, God has placed people in families. The scriptural family involved a man and woman who were married to each other, committed to each other, and sexually faithful. Sometimes the couple was childless, but most often the husband and wife had young or grown children. Siblings and extended family members were assumed to be part of the larger family (Gen 46:27; Acts 7:14). It was this idea that couples would marry, that we would all be born into families, and that we would all have family ties. The God who initiated the family surely is still interested in families, including yours and mine.

To gain valuable information on how you could strengthen your family ties, read “Family Shock”.

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