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Faithful To The End

Faith Methodist Church

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Gordon Wong

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Reviewed by: John Woon, Family Connect 1 Small Group

The Book of Daniel conveys a serious and relevant message for adults living in the harsh realities of the ancient Babylon world and the world today. Rev Gordon Wong helps the readers apply the lessons of Daniel to the contemporary challenges of today.

In Daniel 4, King Nebuchadnezzar raised his eyes towards heaven and his sanity was restored and he praised the Most High. At the same time, Nebuchadnezzar’s honor and splendor were returned to him for the glory of his kingdom and he was restored to his throne and became even greater than before.  Nebuchadnezzar praised, exalted and glorified the King of heaven. The testimony in Daniel 4 of the Nebuchadnezzar who destroyed Jerusalem would have stunned Jewish readers: Nebuchadnezzar, the worst of sinners fully deserving of full hatred, can yet be changed and transformed by the grace of God. Is there a Nebuchadnezzar in our life? Will we rejoice for him or will we reject him if he is indeed transformed by the grace of God?

In Daniel 7, the picture of the four beasts represents four terrible kings oppressing God’s holy people and trying to ‘change the set times and the laws’; and God’s people would be delivered to the beast’s hands ‘for a time, times and half a time’. But then, Daniel 7 also offers hope from God; not a hope for quick answer but hope that will help believers face their beasts over prolonged periods and ultimately overcome it. Are we prepared to face the beasts in our life? Are we able to be patient and stay faithful to the end?

In this highly readable book, Rev Gordon Wong expounds the scripture eloquently and offers multiple points of views to interpret the message of Daniel; and regardless of which point of view the reader takes, the same spiritual message will inspire us to be courageous to trust God in all circumstances and be faithful to the end.

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