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Faithful Parents, Faithful Kids

Faith Methodist Church

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Greg Johnson & Mike Yorkey


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Barcode No. 504307

Reviewed by: John Woon, Family Connect 1 Small Group

If raising faithful children is something you’ve been thinking about, then this book is for you. Some of the parenting issues that are addressed in this book include the following:

  • Raising children will not always be sweetness and light. Kids will test your boundaries and create conflicts you never knew existed. How then can we effectively deal with conflict and discipline?
  • If you think peer pressure begins during teen years, you’re wrong. We must work extra hard to guide them through the struggles they’ll face. How then can we communicate effectively: what to talk about, when, and how to do it?
  • Adolescence can be exhilarating and exasperating. During these turbulent times, will your children grasp on to their faith or will they seek their own paths?

This book is full of wisdom. God offers His free gift of salvation and then waits patiently until our children receive it with their whole heart. All children have free will and play a big part in whether they choose to follow what they’ve been taught. The parent’s role is to instil spiritual values and point their children toward Christ. While we don’t shoulder the entire load, we do have the responsibility to be faithful stewards of those little lives God has given us. The key question is: “Do I want my children to have a faith like mine?”

May this book bring you insights, and may the Lord bless you in your parenting journey.

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