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Empowered Parenting

Faith Methodist Church

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Robert J. Morgan


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Reviewed by: John Woon, Family Connect 1 Small Group

The book “Empowered Parenting” covers stages of a successful marriage offers advice on parenting, as well as provides insights on single parents. The part on single parenting gave me a lasting impression on how the church can offer solutions to struggling single parents and how single parents can draw strength from the church.

The struggles of single parents are many, and here are a few instances:

  • Finding adequate role models for their children
  • Financial difficulty
  • Inadequate time
  • Struggle with loneliness
  • Inferior perception thinking that the rest of the world view them as second-class parents
  • Lack of available childcare
  • Sense of competition with a child’s father or mother

What can a single parent do? The single parent must recognize that however small a family unit, they are still a family. But don’t expect your children to provide for your emotional needs as your spouse would have. Single parents must take time for themselves every day. They can’t take good care of the kids without first taking good care of themselves. Single parents need to walk close with God. Single parents must not be shy to lean on their extended family, friends, and church support group. Large endeavors can be undertaken together with other Christians.

In the book, Robert J Morgan suggests that the church need to have programs for single parents. Sunday School classes (i.e. our SUN JAM), weeknight socials, weekly support groups, divorce recovery groups, weekend getaways and retreats, exercises classes, all with childcare provided — these are examples which strong growing churches can reach single parents who face difficulty attending church activities due to lack of childcare.

Children from single parent homes are very affectionate. A word, a hug, a trip to the ice-cream, a little attention — those things pay higher than average dividends.

The book “Empowered Parenting” offers practical advice not only for single parents, but also for married couples, and every stage of parenting. It is a book worth reading.

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