Attic Library Feature: Movies

Missed the movie screening of “The Insanity of God” earlier? Borrow it on DVD at the Attic Library, along with other movies such as “Breakthrough”, “Ring The Bell”, “Unstoppable”, and many other Christian movies! Organise a viewing party with your family and friends, or watch it at one of your Small Group meetings. Drop by the Attic Library today!

Attic Library Locations & Hours
Attic Level, All Sundays, 9am—1pm
L3 Lift Lobby, 1st Sundays, 10am—1pm
L4 Lift Lobby, 2nd—5th Sundays, 10am—1pm
Candeck, All Sundays, 11.30am—12.30pm

For more information on the Attic Library, please visit the Attic Library page.


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