Visitations & Excursions:
Adopt-A-Block (AAB) Invitations

This Christmas, tap on our Adopt-A-Block (AAB) network to reach out to the community around Faith!

As part of our Christmas outreach initiative in One Mission, invite the residents of housing blocks in our community to participate in the event(s) you will be organising as part of 12 Days To Christmas. Be an AAB Small Group to be a channel of God’s love and blessings to others!



  • Wear the Faith corporate tee
  • Remain correctly masked at all times
  • Inform the Outreach & Social Concerns (OSC) committee prior to your visitations
  • Limit yourselves to groups of 5 pax when packing materials for residents
  • Maintain safe distancing when packing gifts for residents
  • Limit visitation groups to 2 volunteers per household per level
  • Limit visitations to 30 minutes per household per visit
  • Refrain from entering houses
  • Maintain safe distancing when interacting with residents
  • Only volunteers aged below 65 are allowed to serve


  • Serve if you are ill. Stay at home!
  • Congregate at the blocks before visitations
  • Congregate at the blocks after visitations
  • Intermingle with residents on / volunteers assigned to other levels

Inviting your AAB guests to physical / virtual gatherings? Refer to our Suggested Programme Lineups for party ideas!

For more details, please contact Claire Bang ( or Wilson Liew (, Assistant Pastoral Team Members for Outreach & Social Concerns.


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