12 Days To Christmas is a Christmas outreach initiative in One Mission from 13 – 24 December 2020.

Be involved as a Small Group or an Individual to participate in / organize ONE outreach event on ONE of the 12 Days, and reach out to ONE person!

Download the invitations and spread the word among your Small Group and other members of our Faith Family: ENGLISH | MANDARIN #12DTC

Dear Faith Family,

I pray that all is well with you and your families. May God’s shalom be with you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a million deaths worldwide and unimaginable suffering for so many. While we must thank God for His protection and providence for us in Singapore, the pandemic is a sober reminder that these are the last days. It’s time to turn our hearts to God in realignment to His heart for the lost. Jesus is returning soon. Let’s be ready.

This Christmas, I hope we allow God to use us to make a difference in the lives of our pre-believing friends and family members. Let us be a channel of His love and the life-changing, hope-giving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As the church direction this year is One Mission, we will have a church-wide initiative called “12 Days to Christmas”.


To cultivate a heart for and participation in One Mission (together as an SG, with the Faith Family)

  • by reaching out to pre-believing friends, family and the community
  • and sharing the gospel which is the true meaning of Christmas
  • so that they may respond to the Good News in Jesus Christ


Every member and worshipper will…

  • Look out for that ONE
  • Pray for that ONE
  • Build a bridge with that ONE
  • Invite that ONE
  • Share the Good News with that ONE
  • Journey with that ONE
Our vision is for every member and worshipper to…
Be equipped. Be ready. To reach that ONE for Christ. ONE more for JESUS!

Every Small Group will organise and/or participate in at least ONE outreach event in one of the 12 days leading to Christmas.

Let’s be intentional this Christmas. Let’s do our part and let the Spirit do His. Let’s be on One Mission together for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Serving with you,
Ps Ray

Browse our Suggested Programme Lineups for ideas on putting together these outreach activities and other resources for your physical / virtual gatherings!

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